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Industry - Education

Client -Institute of Indigenous India (IOIA)

Services Used - Student Portal

IOIA Communication Tracking System

About Client

Institute of Indigenous India (IOIA) are an Indigenous owned and operated educational institution specialising in supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people achieve their professional goals through culturally appropriate education, training, mentoring and comprehensive support.


IOIA management realised that their current approach to managing student communication tracker system with Excel sheets and Google drive is not only costing time but also potentially lose revenues due to not being able to accurately capture incoming leads.

  • Reduce the efficiency and quality of work

  • Time consuming & Duplicating data entry tasks with different excels sheets excel

  • Failing to real time communicating with management and team members

  • Real time business intelligence reports

The Solution:

We collaboratively agreed that they needed Tailored Customer relationship management system (CRM) to improve the communication and real time reporting system. IOIA Student communication tracking system was fully developed within8 weeks, with a team of 5 developers.

  • We created a custom program which captured each activity from student registration to completion of the study.

  • User Management, System manage very improved security throughout the system as well as enable different user profile that only allow for each user to access and manage the right information (Virtual admin, Staff member, teacher, etc.).

  • Student Course Management - Applications / Application Status, Registration, Placements List, Admission Tests and Interview, Subjects completed Final Grades Submission

  • Reporting- All of the communication saved in the system and next activity saved in to To- do list


Today IOIA is an efficient and better business for employees and student to work with. They now experience:

  • Track real time reporting system will help them to improve the efficiency of the team

  • Higher lead to client conversion resulting in increased revenue.

  • Better visibility of each student activities and easy to manage and standardisation of business process

  • Easy to schedule and maintain the activities for each team members

  • Instant visibility into team member user activities and student education status

  • Built to scale with business needs - The system is flexible to adopt with new business process changes

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